My name is Daryl Dippel and I am a recent graduate of McMaster University's Software Engineering and Game Design program. I have worked on high and low level systems with a special interest in Arduino and Atmel based microcontrollers. I enjoy creating elegant systems with rewarding consequences, please find my resume and samples of work within this site.

Daryl J. Dippel || Software Engineer

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I have experience with java, c# and python (3.5) development in both windows and Linux environments using a wide array of IDEs and libraries. I have a strong background in networking concepts, both at the physical and application level as well as considerable training in security considerations and efficient program design.

My training has focused on valuable experience independently and in a team setting to create small, start to finish programming projects based upon critical deadlines, strict documentation and rigorous testing. Some of my projects have included java chat applications, Android apps, microcontroller based printed circuit boards and even a game built on a commercial engine.

I am looking for opportunities to invest time and effort for mutual gain, please see my resume below and contact me for more information.